We just ran all 85 entries to our The Improvisational Cook giveaway through Randomizer and came up with a winner.

Her name is Katie and here’s the kitchen improvisation she sent in:

This recipe is a riff on The Splendid Table’s Lynn Rossetto Kasper’s Sweet Sicilian Sauce recipe, found at this link.

I make this late in the fall when the tomatoes need to be picked so they don’t freeze, but are a bit green yet. I mix the green-ripening ones with red ones and the result is a more “soupy” sauce than Lynn describes because of all the fresh juices. So I take an immersion blender and blend it to a smooth, creamy consistency.

This is to-die-for sauce for pasta and people beg me for the recipe. The vinegar and sugar offsets the greenness in the tomatoes and the blend of tomatoes gives it a richer flavor than canned ones. It works!

Katie’s sauce is just one example of the many truly inspiring stories and improvisations we received (you’ll find them as Comments at the end of the post)…well worth reading for their many good ideas.

We’ll be running another giveaway of The Improvisational Cook down the line. Next one slotted:  Kate Payne’s The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking. Stay tuned.

Congratulations Katie!

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